September Speakers



The month of September is already proving to be a busy time for speakers at The Rotary Club of Hanwell and Northfields.

On the 6th September 2005 the club had the pleasure of a visit from Sue Elliott of the Brentham Heritage Society, the meeting took the form of a guided walk around the Brentham Estate followed by a buffet on returning to the Brentham club.

The Brentham Garden Suburb as the area is really known, came in to existence at a meeting in the Ealing Public Rooms on the 21st September 1901, Henry Vivian a local carpenter and trade unionist who had in 1891 established his own co-operative building firm, General Builders Ltd, announced that nearly 1,000 in share capital had been contributed and the roofs were being put on the first nine houses.

These houses, now Nos. 71-87 Woodfield Road, were named Vivian Terrace. They were followed by more terraced villas in Woodfield Avenue, Woodfield Crescent and Brunner Road. A stone plaque can be seen on the wall between Nos. 24-25 Woodfield Crescent with the legend "Ealing Tenants Limited 1904".

Since these early days the area has grown into its current configuration and In 1975 the Brentham Estate was awarded Article 4 conservation-area status. During the 1960s many alterations had eroded Brentham's character - alterations to windows, doors and porches, small extensions, garages, car standing spaces, and walls and fences. The Article 4 designation meant that in future such alterations would not be permitted.

For more information why not visit the Brentham Heritage Society web site at

On the 13th September 2005 Nicholas Smith, the Area Community & Events Manager of Barclays Bank, visited the club to talk about how they are working with charities and local organisations to help the local community.

Barclay Bank believe that their community investment programme is a crucial part of the way in which they fulfil their responsibilities as a business. They are committed to investing 1% of UK pre-tax profits in community activities.

Barclays do not believe in just supporting the community through fund raising events, it actively encourages its employees to go out and volunteer their services on community projects as well.

In 2004, 25,194 employees and pensioners worldwide took part in Barclays-supported volunteering and fundraising activities. The total commitment in support of the community was around 32,000,000.