Twelve Nights Of Christmas - Chicken Shed Theatre



No 'The Chicken Shed' is not a dusty wooden hut as the name suggests but an attractive theatre seating about 120 people situated in Southgate North London. The theatre is home to a group of brilliant young actors many of whom have learning difficulties.

What a real treat was in store for each member of the audience attending the Chicken Shed's recent Christmas production of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'.

The show was clever, lively, colourful and witty, with plenty of singing, dancing and on one occasion trampolining! All the actors engaged with the audience (sign language was provided throughout the show) and each actor took on an original interpretation of the well known characters of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The partridge had a unique voice, the two turtle doves danced throughout the show, the three French hens (two chaps and a chappess) sported the French flag, the four calling birds appeared as sinister black crows, the five rings belonged to the family central to the story and the eleven pipers turned out to be eleven plumbers! The show was great fun and very innovative.

It was obvious all the actors thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was wonderful to see how they looked after each other. Those in wheel chairs whizzed into place as smoothly as all their fully mobile colleagues and it was a huge tribute to the choreographers that they managed to get about 100 participants on the stage together and they all knew where to go!

The show was so lively that even the audience felt exhausted at the end of the performance and on the day we went, there was an evening performance too!

The Chicken Shed theatre group is quite simply superb so do attend a show if you can!