Senior Citizens Party



Wednesday the 7th of September 2005 saw members of The Rotary Club of Hanwell & Northfields, supported by The Rotaract Club of Ealing and other members of the local community host a party for local Senior Citizens Party at Christ the Saviour Church in Ealing.

The event was organised by Richard Halliwell, Ken Fox, Marion Mold, Bill Tillotson and other member of the Community Service Committee of The Rotary Club of Hanwell and Northfields. The idea of the event was to give local residents the opportunity to mix with friends and have a good time in a warm and friendly environment.

The event started at 5 PM after the guests had been picked up by a combination of local Rotarians and Limousines provided by WS Bonds of Ealing. The event was attended by the Mayor of Ealing, Councillor Michael Elliott, who at the start of the party addressed the gathering and also spent time talking with various guests about local issues.

After the Mayor's address the party started in earnest with the Archie Ross Trio playing various songs from bygone years, the songs were all popular with the guests, all of whom were in good voice and spirits.

At about 6 PM a light tea was served, this was followed by a presentation to the oldest man and the oldest lady at the party. The oldest man, Bill Axby of Northfields is 101 years old and the oldest lady was Lilly Clarke of Ealing who is 95 years old.

After the presentations our guests were entertained by Rodney Prangnell (Last years Rotary Club President), Rod ran 2 games of bingo with prizes provided by the members of the Rotary Club and Safeways of Ealing.

After the bingo refreshments of a stronger nature were served and local artiste Harry Bonney entertained our guests, Harry sang songs and told jokes which everyone seemed to enjoy.

After Harry Bonney, the Archie Ross Trio came back to delight the party with a mixture of Show Tunes and other requested songs, the trio played through until the close of the event at approx 8:30 PM when the Rotarians took a happy, if perhaps a little tired group of people home.