International Meal



At the Brentham Club 7.00 for 7.15 an evening with an Italian Theme to raise funds for a 'Lifebox'.

Every year major natural and manmade disasters affect an average of over 130 million people. Through both disaster and war individuals have lost their possessions, their homes and their families. The majority of disasters happen in the developing world and the frequency of occurrence has increased threefold over the past four decades.

Despite contingencies in place to prepare for them, the necessary resources to help victims are rarely available on the ground in the quantities required when disaster strikes. During the first crucial days, aid organisations are often stretched to the limit. The sudden need for equipment and materials that are not readily available at short notice puts pressure on local infrastructures and limits the ability of relief workers to respond effectively.

When a disaster strikes, people need necessities like access to potable water, food, clothes, and a place to stay. They need essential supplies, basic tools and the many things it takes to rebuild their lives.

Rotary International offers this immediate aid requirement by providing their LifeBox.

The LifeBox is filled with 72 items of tools, clothes, blankets, babycare/hygeine items, toys and classroom materials and is available for both hot and cold climates with the contents lists specifically tailored by the Red Cross, each box providing vital aid for adults and children. Most importantly in each box we place six LifeStraws, kindly donated by FiltaStraw.