We need your old Postage stamps



Toner Cartridges & Postage Stamps

Your old toner cartridges and Postage stamps are sent to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People provide ?Hearing Dogs? for people with acute hearing problems. Many of the dogs that Hearing Dogs For Deaf People train are strays. Once the dogs have been trained, they enable deaf people to maintain their independence; the dogs are trained to recognise a variety of sounds including smoke alarms, alarm clocks, telephones, door bell etc. They then alert the deaf person by different signals.

The typical cost of providing a hearing dog is c. £5,000.

These can be deposited at in one of the Rotary Recycling Bins, which can be found in: -

The Pitshanger Bookshop, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, W5

The Brentham Club, Meadvale Road, Ealing W5

Or alternatively e-mail the Club President and he will try and arrange collection