145 Mile Charity Walk



Day 7 Finish at Mile 145

Here it is a last the final day, the day has started off pretty well to say the least with the sun shining and Richard and myself looking forward to the last day.

We were once again joined by Denise and proceeded to make our way into town.

We made good progress over reasonable ground and finally reached Alperton at around 1300 were we stopped for lunch.

At Alperton we were joined by Monique Rima from our club and Walter Hendry from the Rotary Club of Greenford who joined us for the last 6.5 miles..

The day stayed bright and at 1715 we strolled into Paddington to be greeted by family and friends who had all met up at a floating class room arranged by the Rotary club of Paddington.

A great experience and one I would recommend to everyone

Day 6 Finish at Mile 130

Can it really be true we have finally reached the penultimate day? Oh yes

The day started brightly with the sun shinning down on us, and at just after 0800 hrs we set off from Berkhamstead.

The going was good under foot with the towpath drying and most of the standing water starting to dissipate.

We made a steady 3 miles an hour progress through the morning, unfortunately with about 10 bridges having to be crossed backwards and forwards over the canal over the morning the day started to take its toll on me.

Richard as usual was a rock and encouraged me along the way and ensured that we stayed on course and that we took regular breaks.

At Rickmansworth after 15 difficult miles Denise Newlands had to take up the mantle from me and carried on the day with Richard to complete the scheduled miles,.

Yet again the support from the club has been brilliant and thanks to them I will now be in a position to finish the walk as scheduled tomorrow.

Day 5 Finish at Mile 105

A bright and breezy day, and not a rain cloud in sight, could it last. Oh Yes

The superb support team set off on their legs of the walk with great enthusiasm, and after what seemed no time at all they finished them with ease.

We moved along at a reasonable speed and with good footpaths we ploughed through the country side like thorough bred horses, well maybe sea side donkeys would be more appropriate.

Leaving Milton Keynes well behind us we headed for Tring and Berkhamstead.

With Only one shower during the day we had an excellent walk and finished in Berkhamsted at around 1700.

We are looking forward to the evening which will be spent with family and friends who have traveled out to see us, what more can one want.

Day 4 Finish at Mile 80

A sunny start to the day, sun tan lotion applied and T-shirt on, A Mistake? Oh Yes

The rain from the night before was sitting nicely on the path to ensure that our recently dryed boots didn't stay dry for long.

Despite the towpath being wet and slippery we ploughed on enjoying the sun and making good progress through the first 2 hours of the day.

However after the 2 hours of bliss the heavens opened up and normal service was resumed, the day saw us traveling through Wolverton and Milton Keynes and despite the weather our spirits were high.

Despite being in good spirits we unfortunately failed to reach our target mileage today and as usual our superb support team has insisted in stepping into the breach and will be completing our missed mileage as well as some of the beginning of the days mileage to ensure we stay on track tomorrow. What a team..

We are now over half way and are looking forward to having an excellent day tomorrow...

Day 3 Finish at Mile 62.5

After 2 days of torrential rain we finally got a break and the sun came our to play, even if it was only for a short time.

As usual the support team were fantastic, a hearty breakfast and a rousing send off started the morning off very well.

The walking started off with a very interesting climb of over a 100 feet due to the fact that we had to go over the tunnel at Shrewley. Once we had negotiated the steep incline we were faced with a rather interesting mile of head high stinging nettles to hack through.

The next hour proved to be just as interesting as we negotiated a tow path that disappeared in to the canal and so did we nearly.

After our little paddle we then had our usual couple of miles of mud which we might or might not miss when we finally reach the urban areas.

The sun continued to shine on and off for the rest of the day and we thought our luck might have changed for the better, ever the optimists we were yet again to be disappointed as for the last mile and a half we had probably the worst down pour we have had since we started.

Still a good days walking and we met the boat at 1800 hrs in good spirits and good health.

Day 2 Finish at mile 40

A day of wet weather and sunshine all rolled into one..

We started the day after a night of torrential rain which left the footpath very difficult to negotiate in places. Despite the weather we made good progress and managed to remain in good spirits.

The only downside of the day was that we had to call upon our superb support team to help us catch up the miles that some of our miles that the rain had caused us to not make. Despite not having the proper footwear Bob Short and David Brakespear set off to do 5 miles across rough country as we completed the rest of our day.

Day 1 17.5 miles

A leisurely start to the day with plenty of rain to welcome us to Birmingham.

As well as our family and friends at the start of the day, Clive Amos and Colin Mathews from District 1130 and John Quintion from District 1060 came to see us off.

We left Birmingham to light rain which managed to turn into an absolute down pour not long after the start, deep joy.

Most of the day was spent walking along reasonable paths until about 2 miles from the end when the path turned into a mud bath and we waded through ankle high mud for the next hour.

Despite the weather and the terrain we had a good day and we finished he day in great spirits.

On the 30th June 2007 Rotarians Richard Burton and Bill Tillotson will be walking the Grand Union Canal from Birmingham (Gas Street) to London (Little Venice) a total of 145 miles in 7 days. The two walkers will be supported by other members of the club who have hired a canal boat which will act as a support vessel and also as accomodation for most of the trip.

The aim of the event is to raise funds for three organisations: -

1. The London Air Ambulance is a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service which responds to seriously ill or injured casualties in and around the London area. The service is unique in the UK in that in addition to a paramedic, it carries a doctor who is trained in emergency medicine. The helicopter is on standby from 7am until sunset, after which the helicopter cannot fly for safety reasons. During darkness or other times when it cant fly the staff responds to emergency calls in a specially fitted response car.

2. The Wheel Chair foundation is a non-profit organisation leading an international effort to create awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities, to promote the joy of giving, create global friendship, and to deliver a wheelchair to every child, teenager and adult in the world who needs one, but cannot afford one. The Wheelchair foundation delivers Hope, Mobility and Freedom.

3. Meadow High School is a secondary day school for students aged 11-18 whose educational needs cannot be adequately met in mainstream school. The school caters for approximately 180 students all of whom have a statement of Special Educational Need. The school offers all its students a broad and balanced programme including full entitlement to National Curriculum.

You can donate on line for this event at www.justgiving.com/BillyTAirAmbulance

Walk Schedule

Day 1 Start 1100 at Gas Street walk approximately 15 miles to Warwick Road Solihull

Day 2 Start 0900 at Warwick Road Solihull walk approximately 25 Miles to Lower Shuckburgh

Day 3 Start 0900 at Lower Shuckburgh walk approximately 22 miles to Blisworth

Day 4 Start 0900 at Blisworth walk approximately 23 Miles to Stoke Hammond

Day 5 Start 0900 at Stoke Hammond walk approximately 23 miles to Berkhamsted

Day 6 Start 0900 at Berkhamsted walk approximately 24 miles to Bulls Bridge, Southall

Day 7 Start 1200 at Bulls Bridge walk approximately 14 miles to Little Venice

Remember if you would like to donate on Line Visit http://www.justgiving.com/BillyTAirAmbulance