Know Your Blood Pressure



For many years now The Stroke Association has joined forces with Rotary Clubs up and down the country to run 'Know your Blood Pressure' (KYBP) days. Over 152,000 people in the UK (most commonly aged over 65yrs) have a stroke each year and sadly many die and others have significant disabilities. In many cases, a raised blood pressure is the main cause but many of these individuals were totally unaware they had a raised blood pressure as there are often no symptoms and so they do not seek help. If a raised blood pressure is identified early, it can be treated very effectively and a stroke prevented.

On the 6th May 2016, five members from our Rotary Club ran a Know Your Blood Pressure day for the participants of a Strength and Balance exercise class meeting in a local church hall. All participants completed a consent form before having their blood pressure recorded explaining what happens to the data and all received a copy of the readings to keep or take to their GP if necessary. About one quarter of all the clients tested (all were over 65yrs) had a blood pressure reading that was just outside the 'normal' range and another person had a blood pressure that was significantly high. All were referred to their GPs. The session was considered by the participants to be very successful and much appreciated by the participants.

As there are over 20 Strength and Balance classes running across Ealing, our club plans to offer 'Know Your Blood Pressure' sessions to these groups supported by other Rotary Clubs in Ealing. No charges are made and our clients are offered a cup of tea or coffee after they have had their blood pressure recorded! All the information is confidential and only the readings (not the names of participants) are sent to the Stroke Association for statistical purposes.

Our club would like to find a large central venue in Ealing where we could offer to take the blood pressure of any member of the public but sadly no venue has been made available free of charge as it has in other boroughs! We will carry on looking as we believe this is a very worthwhile service and we could offer it to any adult in the community.