Brentham Fireworks!



On Saturday 7th November, the Brentham Club arranged its annual Firework display. The rain did not stop in the morning so the ground was very wet and muddy and we feared a washout as we had in the previous year. But the weather cleared during the late afternoon and we had a mild evening with crowds of people attending to see the Firework display.

As Brentham Club permits us to use its hall once a week for our Rotary meetings, we support Brentham on their firework evening. As usual we sold soft drinks and sweets and Rotarian David made candyfloss non-stop for 2.5 hrs to satisfy a lengthy queue for most of the evening! Well done David and thank you.

The firework display was very good, and enjoyed by everyone except a few young children who came prepared with ear mufflers! It took some time to clear the ground, a testimony to the enjoyment of the crowd.