RotaKids Club Launched



Thursday the 12th October 2006 saw Blair Peach Primary School and The Rotary Club of Hanwell and Northfields launch the first Rotakids club in West London.

RotaKids is a new programme that has been launched for children of a Primary school age, in a public or private school environment and sponsored by a local Rotary Club. The Objectives of this programme is to build a child's self-esteem by introducing Rotary concepts of service, understanding and citizenship, to children at a young age. The concept of RotaKids is to create a format that provides both informational and educational segments on service, citizenship and leadership training along with simple hands-on service projects and activities. These programmes will hopefully assist the school staff, by improving community involvement and volunteering by students, parents, and others. Bill Tillotson who is responsible for the development of Youth Activities for the Hanwell & Northfields club said This is a great opportunity for Rotary to start working with Primary schools and to help develop childrens awareness of their community at a Local, National and International level.

The schools first service project will be to establish a recycling programme. Similar recycling schemes are already being run by other schools in the area, these include:

Castlebar Primary School Lady Margaret Primary School North Ealing Primary School Oaklands Primary School

Each School is collecting Old Mobile Phones, Old Spectacles and also Used Postage Stamps.

The above items will be sent to the following charities who can convert them into cash to fund their activities.

Old mobile phones are collected to support WaterAid Old spectacles are collected to support Vision Aid Overseas Used postage stamps are collected on behalf of Guide Dogs for the Blind