Pensioners Party



Once again we invited 80+ local older people to a tea party on Friday 28th March 2014 at St Thomas' Church Hall near Elthorne Park, Hanwell. 74 guests attended and were greeted on arrival with a cup of tea / coffee and a piece of home made shorbread whilst being entertained by Richard on the piano. After a welcome from our President (David Strange) and thanks to all our sponsors who had made the afternoon possible, we had a singalong with old favourite music hall songs. This was followed by a game of bingo and prizes of chocolates for the line winner and a huge Easter Egg for a full house.

Our guests then enjoyed a scrumptious tea of sandwiches, savouries including home made sausages rolls, fruit jelly, home made drop scones and jam, cup cakes and cream cakes washed down with endless cups of tea / coffee! This was followed by a raffle on each table (we had 9 tables) with prizes of 160 teabags, M&S shortbread and tins of wafer biscuits for each of the 3 winners at each table.

Our game of Heads and Tails alias white and blue flags (so that none of our guests had to stand up), became rather complicated when those who were techically out continued to play! We had a final game of bingo with prizes for one and two lines and a full house. The second and third prizes were large boxes of chocolates. The full house winner received a £10 gift voucher and we had joint winners!

Before the end of the afternoon, a well known and recently retired community worker in Hanwell, Angie Harris, was presented with a Rotary Paul Harris award for her services to the local community over many years.

Before leaving all our guests received an Easter Egg.

Many of our guests were unable to make their own way to and or from the party and several guests were blind so our members together with help from members of the Rotary Club of Ealing, provided transport.

Judging by the e-mails, phone calls and letters received to date, our guests really enjoyed temselves. The Rotarians were rather weary but happy to have provided an enjoyable afternoon of entertainment for our guests.