Rotary Kids Out 2006



So what do you get if you take 12 children, Six teachers / teachers helpers and eight Rotarians from Hanwell and Northfield club, plus observers from Kensington, and two from Ealing off to Thorpe park for the Kids Out day 'A great day out' Exactly.

And arriving there, as the Kensington observer did to discoverer there was more West London clubs equally involved. These were from clubs bordering on District 1130, Hounslow, Richmond, Kew Gardens, Twickenham on Thames, Teddington & The Hamptons also with their own parties of disadvantaged children. The total for the West London coterie we were part of came to over 300 children. Multiply that by all the other clubs present, many familiar faces flitting by keeping a beady eye on there parties, and you would be right in saying it had the makings of an excellent outing which was certainly the case. The weather not too hot, not too cold, rain clouds threatening but the rain never arriving was perfect for the event.

The day started early for the Hanwell and Northfield party. Balloons and ribbons attached to cars outside the school at 8.30. The twelve children in the party, average age 8 and all with learning difficulties, arrived with teachers and helpers at 9.45, and the club took off their charges in their cars two children one teacher to each two Rotarians, with well ordered rhythm. They knew where they were going, and the route, as they had been there many times before. Ten times in the last ten years in fact. The balloons didn't survive the journey as the wind was too strong not doubt other kids finding them enjoyed the treat. Arriving at Thorpe park, after the requisite toilet break, and drinks of water and a biscuit or two each it was off to the rides. The ticket for the day includes all rides with nothing more to pay. And because the club is part of the aforementioned group, the total for the day out was just 300. Each club no matter how many children they are taking all put in the same and that covers balloons streamers entrance flyers etc. The individual club provides transport and a lunch for the children (Jam or Cheese sandwiches in our case) and the Rotarians fend for themselves as ever.

After half a dozen rides suitable for the young people it was on o the Thorpe park train for a ten minute ride to the park arm. There we had a lunch followed by a lot of stroking of tame animals and hand washing. Back on the train for a final visit to yet more rides including the water flume, which was very exciting but very wet making. Then a final biscuit and drink of water, a visit to the loo, into the cars and home, with children all ready for a sleep. What a magic day.

Article by Walky K Daly - District 1130 Community and Vocational Committee Chairman