Log Cabin - Completion of Phase 2 of Nature / Picn



11 club members and 4 Rotaractors spent a tiring but rewarding Saturday moving piles of logs stored in the nature / picnic area of Log Cabin (a Centre for children with disabilities)to their new home lining the path to the Centre's garage. Carrying the logs was out of the question given the weight, ground conditions and distance so a technique sliding the logs down a 25ft slope was adopted! As our Rotarian 'lumberjacks' technique improved the logs were tumbling safely quite quickly and a second team at the bottom of the slope manoeuvred them into position bordering the pathway to the garage.

A third team removed old nails from the logs before they were moved, collected rubbish and fly tipping that had sadly accumulated, swept the wooden pathways from the nature area to the garage, tidied the nature area after the logs had been moved, planted a few spring flowers in the tubs as the local squirrels had feasted on over 100 minature daffodils we had planted in November (!) and made refrshments for the team.

The redwood hedge we planted in November looked good and the squirrels had ignored the larger daffodils we planted at the same time. Despite being tired, covered in mud and with aching joints, we were pleased with the end result and hope the children will now be able to enjoy using their nature and picnic area again.

On 8th June 1964,ie 50 years ago, the Rotary Club of Hanwell was established. To celebrate, our club will have a picnic in the nature area and partners and friends will be invited. We hope for picnic weather on that day!