Log Cabin Nature and Picnic Area Restored!



Log Cabin is a centre for children aged 4yrs to 15yrs with special needs and disabilities. Our club members became aware that the nature / picnic area within the centre's grounds had recently been used to store materials during a refurbishment and was currently overgrown and not safe for the children to use.

On the weekend of 16th and 17th November, 12 Rotarians and Rotaractors cleared the overgrown area of rubbish, weeds and broken garden furniture and repositioned a huge number of logs still stored in the area. Some of the logs (from the original Log Cabin) were used to border the area prior to planting over 100 redwood saplings as a hedge. A similar number of spring bulbs were planted some in tubs and some scattered in the area. The damaged garden furniture was chopped up for use in the fire pit elsewhere in the garden and other garden furniture was given a coat of preservative!

The team plans to return in the New Year to relocate the remaining logs in the nature area (there are many!)elsewhere in the grounds. The area will then be safe for the children to return to the popular activity of watching the trains as they enter and leave Northfields Underground Station which is next door to the centre. We will return once more in the spring to tidy up the garden prior to having picnics again.