Annual "Pensioners" Party 2013



We had planned to run our annual party for older local residents (nominated by local organisations) on the 18th January in St Thomas' Church Hall Hanwell BUT at 10am that morning the SNOW came down with a vengeance and we had no alternative but to postpone the party. As it happened the snow disrupted all transport across the UK and caused a great deal of disruption that lasted for several weeks.

We managed to contact all 76 guests within an hour and one of our members visited a guest not contactable by telephone. The same member went to the party venue at the party time to ensure we did not leave any stranded guests! A supporter very kindly redirected the 21 platters of sandwiches to a Homeless Centre in Acton so they were not wasted. Fortunately other fresh items had not been purchased yet that morning and the non perishable items and prizes were returned to bulging cupboards at my home!

The next day I received calls from very disappointed guests asking when we were planning to reschedule the event!

We feared lightening might strike twice at our second party attempt on 22nd March, as snow did fall the next day, but we managed to hold the event much to the delight of our guests. Pupils from Elthorne Park High School entertained the guests with their singing and musical skills on the flute and keyboard. We were able to provide a delicious tea funded by Barclays Bank and the two large, well laced Christmas Cakes (made by one of our members for the January party) reappeared as delicious well matured Easter cakes!

Our guests enjoyed several games of Bingo organised by a Friend of our club and a raffle per table with prizes for both donated by local small businesses. One of our members organised a 'Singalong' including songs from the 40s and 50s during which our guests were able to enjoy a drink. Each of our guests (the oldest being 101years young) went home with an Easter Egg and a packet of tea and judging by the e-mails, cards and letters of thanks, everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thanks to our members for all their hard work that day helping with the events and providing transport.

Janet Bettaccini

Chair Community Committee Rotary Club of Hanwell and Northfields

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