West Area - Technology Tournament



Monday the 27th March 2006 saw the launch of the Rotary - West Area Technology Tournament, the tournament was held in the Victoria Hall, Ealing Town Hall, Ealing.

This was a great success with 11 teams of 4 students competing. The teams came from Brentside High School, Twyford C of E High School and Elthorne Park High School.

The Task was to design and build a gripping device so that radioactive material ( in this example a tennis ball) could be safely moved, from a safe distance.

The material - a tennis ball, was positioned in a box, and then had to be picked up securely from a distance of 1.5 metres and placed centrally on a target area. The ball could not be rolled during picking up, delivery or placement on the target.

The design had to fulfil the following criteria:

Grip the tennis ball (64mm diameter) securely so as not to drop it.

The grip must be operated by a trigger / lever mechanism and not by pulling strings manually.

Be operated by one team member only during the final test within a 30 seconds time limit.

To achieve this task they were given the following materials:

10mm x 600mm square section timber (6 lengths), a piece of thin string (in one piece 5 metres), A4 Card 3 sheets, 4mm dowel 100mm (1), woodscrews in. x No 4 CSK (6 ), Elastic bands (4), Straws (4)

All the teams attacked the task with enthusiasm and as can be seen from the pictures below a number of different ideas and devices were produced, it was also good to see that every team managed to complete the task.

The day would not have been possible if it had not been for the support of our sponsors which included, Barclays Bank, Directions Recruitment, Ealing Education Authority and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT).

A good day was had by students, teachers and organisers and we look forward to making this an annual event in our club calendar.

The winners on the day where:

Basic Level - Twyford C of E High School - Girls Team Intermediate Level - Elthorne Park High School - Dream Team