Annual Race Night



This year the Annual Race night was held on Friday 3 March 2006, and as usual the event was very popular.

The event came under starters orders at approximately 7:45PM, when we started the evening off with a steak pie supper.

We were lucky to have again secured sponsorship from both Ealing Travel Services, who sponsored the cost of the film hire, and Barclays Bank who agreed to match whatever we made on the evening which was great result for our chosen charities.

Our chosen charities for this years event were: -

The ShelterBox Trust, an organisation originally set up by Rotarians in Cornwall that provides immediate relief in the event of major disasters around the world; recent examples are the Tsunami, and the disasters in Pakistan and Kashmir where the ShelterBox Trust immediately shipped Shelter Boxes that contain tents, cooking equipment, tools etc.

Vision Aid Overseas, we have for some years been collecting old glasses for Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) and more recently we have been collecting lenses. In addition to the glasses and lenses, VAO also need funds to send the volunteer groups overseas. Whilst the volunteers pay their own fares etc, VAO have to find funds for accommodation, food and local transport. We understand that 1,000 would cover the costs for a one week trip to Africa!!

The evening resulted in an amount of c. 1,250 being raised. The amount being almost doubled by Barclays (1,240), this meant that we were able to donate to Vision Aid - 1500 and to the Shelter Box Trust - 980.

At the end of the evening there was a game of heads and tails which raised a further 56 which was made up to 100 and donated to Save a Childs Heart UK