Rotary Youth Speaks



Rotary Youth Speaks is a public speaking competition for young people. It has been successfully organized by Rotary for many years. The object is to give young people experience in speaking on a public platform, to encourage them to formulate their ideas on specific topics and to present them concisely in a limited time, together with the opportunity to learn from the performance of others high standards of expression, presentation and appearance.

A team is composed of three young people. The Chairperson has two minutes to welcome the audience, introduce the speaker and inform the audience of the relevance or expertise of the speaker to the subject of the speech. The Speaker has six minutes for the address and a maximum of two minutes to consider and answer a question posed by the questioner. The Proposer of the Vote of Thanks has two minutes to propose the vote of thanks. After this and any applause, the Chairperson will close proceedings.

Winning teams from all the District events throughout RIBI then go forward to Regional Finals and eventually the winners from here will go on to the RIBI National Finals.

There are two competitions, the Intermediate Competition for students aged 11 to 13 years and the Senior Competition for students aged 14 to 17 years.

More details to follow