Rotary Technology Tournament - West Area



This years Rotary Technology Tournament was held at the Greenford Assembly Hall on the 3rd March 2010

The event saw 28 students from St Benedicts High School take part in a 1 day technology based event

The event started at 1030 and finished at around 1530

The aim of the day was for students turn up on the day and be given a technology project to complete, prior to the event they were not aware of what the task would be.

During the day they were judged on

- Planning - use of time and resources; team organisation and management

-  Design analysis - analysis of the problem; awareness of physical constraints and principles

-  Design development - generation of several ideas and the development of the solution

-  Presentation and communication of ideas

- Realisation - quality of manufacture; appropriate use of materials and final testing

-  Portfolio - The portfolio is a major part of the event and should be treated as such The task that was set was to build a weight powered vehicle from a collection of rods, pulley wheels, bits of wood and card.

It was a great day with all the participants producing a working prototype by the end of the day.